Social Contracts

There’s this broad social contract each of us has with society that is seldom acknowledge, but incredibly amazing.

Whenever we drive a car and don’t run anyone down we’re adhering to this standard.

Whenever we have a gun and don’t shoot someone we’re abiding by this policy.

Generally any time that we don’t maim or murder we are in line with this subtle social standard of conduct.

It’s weird how it just seems to exist all on its own. With no word ever spoken, or anything ever put into print. The instinct for survival seems to stretch far beyond the confines of self or even family. It seems it’s species wide and we are all willing participants in this vast convenant. Most of us anyway.

Think about how many cars travel down highways and freeways on any given day. Think about how many fatalities are actually physically possible. It could be apocalypse were we so inclined.

For the most part, we all abide by these silent rules. It’s mind boggling. To think that billions of people can go about their daily business without murdering each other.

just the sheer volume of opportunities we have each and every day to obliterate each other. it’s fascinating.

personally i think we’re all making a  huge mistake. we should be killing each other. it’s economically and environmentally the responsible thing to do.


Critical Thinking

I worked at a small retailer for many years and returns were a big issue. As much as they sold they always seemed to get back just as much. They had a restock fee because of this. So even when they lost, they still gained a little bit. It didn’t help much after you figured in the shipping costs. If they were lucky, they broke even. Probably not though.

Big retailers have to have a more lenient return policy in order to compete with one another. So they get way, way, way more returns than any small business ever would.

But I could never conceive of just how large that number would actually be until I saw it for myself. It’s simply astounding. Overwhelming. Insane. People seem to purchase items with the sole intent of then returining it. I’m sure there’s some money-making scam alive in there somewhere. There has to be.

For all the product that is selling during the holida season, I’m pretty certain more is being retruned. That’s illogical, but then, so is life.

I’m fairly certain we’ve been getting some returns that are for items we don’t carry. Which would be fine if the return were denied. But we’ve actually been given them to put back on the floor.

the entire concept of the retail store is crazy. you drive to this large garage full of stuff. you wander around gathering stuff. then you give them money to let you leave with the stuff. you take the stuff home. you realize it’s shitty stuff you don’t really want. you drive bacfk to the giant garage. you wait in line. you give them back the stuff and get your money returned to you. then you start your search all over again for the stuff which you’re wiling to permanently excchange your money. expect that stuff doesn’t exist in any of these palces. but still you keep looking, because really, what else is there to do?

i’m pretty sure that’s one of Dante’s rings of hell.

Or if it isn’t, he really dropped the ball on that.

stuff… it’s really important. we just don’t know why.

The Saga of Retail Delusion

A couple of years ago I lost my very profitable job that I held for over 12 years. I was really good at it. Everything got done quickly and acurrately for the most part. I was the only person responsible for 6 ecommerce sites and all the data and details that encompassed. There were 3-4 customer service people. 3-6 pickers and packers. But as far as actually running and maintain the websites that were solely responsible for generating the sales that kept all those other people employed, yea, it was just me. I was also responsible for some aspects of marketing and most of the SEO. Yup, a brilliant business plan indeed.

I was just thankful if lasted as long as it did. I consider myself both very lucky and a little bit clever for having managed so nicely for so long.

When I first came to work there it was a complete and utter disaster. Edge of bankruptcy.

It took a few tries, but eventually we hit upon some winning websites.

To be continued….

Pretending Choices

Here’s what’s wrong with America. Corporations. That’s it.

Greedy, greedy, corporations.

The federal government is so deep in bed with them that short of a major revolution, there’s no hope of recovery.

These, our elected officials, continue to make laws that favor the conglomerates and oppress the small individual. They do so because they can. Because that is what benefits them Any any objections we mgith have are irrelevant. We are powerless. We have no influence. We are merely cogs in a massive machine. We are here to serve. To help make the wealthy wealthier. To facilitate the powerful in the power. That is our purpose. And oppression is the surest way to achieve this.

It’s not dissimilar to the says of slavery in the early U.S. You’re no longer allowed to whip people or own them. But the basic ideals are the same. The government condones, even sanctions, larger endeavors to weild substantial power over those that toil in their service.

Americans are basically stupid. They still vote. Believing in their tiny, sugar laced brains, that this act affords them some voice in their fate.

Sad, little, brain washed Americans, content to believe in the age old delusion that we’re a free nation.

Adness, Utter Adness

I can’t be the only one in America whose not happy with the new fall season of TV. It’s just plain sad. There isn’t a single new show that compels me to try watching it. Where are the Buffy’s and Star Trek’s of today? Where oh where art thou?

Am totally fed up with CBS about “Under the Dome”. Beyond ridiculous plotting. Utter adness as Sheldon would say. Because we’re temporarily prohibiting the use of the letter M until something is done about this ess of a fall seasson. We’re not going to use the letter M again until a decent new show is ade. It ight be a long wait, but we’re coitted.

I can’t believe I wasted so uch tie watching 2 full seasons of this egregrious perversion of Stephen King’s wonderful idea.

That’s the proble with the entertainent industry. They never want to accept respobsibility for the fact that they suck. Instead they spend their ime and oney chasing pirates and downloaders. As if they’re the actual proble.

Insanely high salaries, astronoical ad rates and ediocre writing. There’s your probles. It’s that siple.

It’s adness. Utter adness.

Schrodinger’s Movie

Saw a really cool movie that I had no idea I even wanted to see until today. It reminded me a lot of Primer, which is one of my all time favorites. But while Primer was more technical and clinical in its approach, this movie was more gutteral and emotional in its treatment of a very similar concept.

The movie Coherence is a must see for Star Trek fans. Its premise is that a passing comet very close to Earth results in a kind of terrestrial wormhole that connects millions of parallel (and very similar) dimensions.  It focuses specifically on a dinner party of old friends who in very Sliders like fashion shuffle between each others home worlds. In the process their various issues and personal demons are brought to the forefront.

Best of all it had Xander from Buffy as one of the stars.

As someone who never tires of time travel and alternate dimension stories, this movie delighted me in spite of a few ‘paradoxes’ that were a little hard to overlook.

For the majority of the film, the myriad universes always balanced out. With equal versions of each person neatly dispersed, even though they often weren’t in their ‘homeworld’.

I didn’t really get how that could be possible, given that there were supposed to be over 5 million variations and people were constantly switching between them.

But then they were mostly (to the knowledge given) following very similar courses in each iteration. So I submitted to the notion that this similarity was keeping them in sync, even though it seemed impossible.

But then at the end the one woman had two of herself in the one world. Perhaps I blinked and missed how that happened.

And I totally didn’t get the edning. Which I won’t spoil.

What Movies to See

index I tried to watch the movie The Double the other day. It sounded interesting on paper so to speak. When I actually began to watch it it totally didn’t do it for me. I was disinterested and bored. I’m not saying it was a bad movie. I’m just saying that it was a movie that I couldn’t connect with. Just another case of, sounds good in the description, but doesn’t work for me in reality.

I’ve been searching for a decent movie reccomendation engine. I don’t have Netflix anymore and that is the one thing that I miss about them. Their watch this suggestions were not always accurate, but they quite often led to pleasant cinematic discoveries.

I’ve often thought that they should offer a pay service that only does suggestions. They could charge a lot less, but it would be a cool thing to be able to have access to. I’d pay $10 a year to be able to rate movies and have their algorithms suggest what else I might enjoy.

Cause so far I’ve yet to find a reliable alternative. IMDB just pretty much says I’ll like every movie ever made. Rotten tomoatoes doesn’t do suggestions anymore. I found a few appz on google play, but they were worse than useless.

So there’s a genuine need. A hole to fill. I think if someone could come up with an engine that worked as good or almost as well at making viewing reccomendations they could conceivabley make money from subscribers. Or they could generate enough traffic to sell related stuff and/or advertising.

I for one am eager for such a service and would not mind paying a moderate fee for its usage.

It kinda sounds like something amazon or google could easily pull off. But entrepreneurs and upstarts might do it well too.

I just want to be able to rate things I’ve seen and get viable reccomendations for what I might like to see next. It’s a genuine need that I’m sure is shared by countless others out there.

So there you go, free idea for the taking. Hopefully someone will run with it.