The Saga of Retail Delusion

A couple of years ago I lost my very profitable job that I held for over 12 years. I was really good at it. Everything got done quickly and acurrately for the most part. I was the only person responsible for 6 ecommerce sites and all the data and details that encompassed. There were 3-4 customer service people. 3-6 pickers and packers. But as far as actually running and maintain the websites that were solely responsible for generating the sales that kept all those other people employed, yea, it was just me. I was also responsible for some aspects of marketing and most of the SEO. Yup, a brilliant business plan indeed.

I was just thankful if lasted as long as it did. I consider myself both very lucky and a little bit clever for having managed so nicely for so long.

When I first came to work there it was a complete and utter disaster. Edge of bankruptcy.

It took a few tries, but eventually we hit upon some winning websites.

To be continued….