Here’s a problem with army navy clothing. It doesn’t come in enough colors. It’s always with the brown and the olive etc. Sometimes we want a little hue in our military clothing selection. Not everyone who admires the military or is a member thereof dislikes color and pigment.

I think this is clearly evidenced already by how well pink camo and pink military clothes have sold over the last decade. There is a real and genuine demand for army navy apparel that contains tints other than tan and grey.

There is a clear and present demand. And yet there is very little supply. Isn’t that the very foundation of a free enterprise society. Supply and demand. If there is a demand for it it is lucrative to supply it. And yet still there are no purple plaid army t-shirt or lime green air force caps. Is it such a leap to make? If pink is popular and selling well, do you really need to be convinced about adding other whimsical colors? Are army navy suppliers really this slow?

One site has yellow and orange and baby blue and all kinds of other good stuff. Never fear. They have traditional colors as well. I especially like the purple stuff. Purple military themed clothing is hard to find. Or should I say, it was hard to find. Now it’s pretty easy.