Yard Sale Litter Bugs

Here’s a pet peeve of mine that affects us all. When people have yard sales they put up signs all over the neighborhood. “Yard Sale on some date at some time”. That’s all well and good.

Sadly the signs usually are missing some information. Cuz people are stupid. They’ll say, “Yard Sale Today”. As if the sign will magically disappear once that day has expired and passersby will therefore know that today is that today since the sign still exists.

But that’s not the worst of it. I’m an American. I’ve grown accustomed to stupidity.

The worst of it is that when the yard sale is over no one ever comes to collect and remove their signs. That’s littering.

The signs remain, months after the yard sale has concluded. Cluttering the environment long after their usefulness has expired.

You had the energy and mobility to put the sign there prior to your yard sale. Therefore one can conclude, that surely you have enough energy and mobility to return after your yard sale is over and collect the sign.

I do not believe that is too much to expect.


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