Having Children Is Evil

Having a child is the single most selfish, bar none, act a person or two people can commit. The worst part is people who have children love to pretend as if this is a selfless act. That they are doing the world a favor. It’s not enough for them to just burden the world with yet another life. No, they must also try to imply that they have done the rest of us a service somehow.

To further this truth, let’s have a look at the main reasons why people have babies.

People have babies to cement relationships with others. People use children to trap others in their lives. Boyfriend not that into you. Husband losing interest. A baby will quickly create a connection that will last a lifetime.

People have babies because they want to be loved. Romantic relationship are complex and volatile. Under most any circumstances your children will love you unconditionally.

People have babies because they are slaves to their twisted beliefs. The gaping voids in their dank souls cannot be filled by any other means that fabricating fairy tales of paradise and afterlife and eternal happiness after death. To reinforce such outlandish truths they create many children whom they brainwash into believing the same insane claptrap that they desperately cling to in order to give their own lives meaning. They are weak and cannot face reality.

The only selfless reason there could possibly ever be for a person or people to make a child is that they themselves are so gifted and such an asset to the world that their procreation might enrich the world with someone equally as amazing. So pretty much never gonna happen.

So the entire world needs to wake up and stop pretending that having children is a kindness. It’s a blight upon the Earth. It’s a cancer on society. It’s pretty much the worst thing anyone could ever do short of liking for Donald Trump.