Barking Dogma

Addiction is frowned upon unless it’s religion that someone is abusing. And so many people do abuse it. Religion is worse than any chemical drug. Becuase it’s the same, but no one realizes that.

People use god as a way of forfeiting responsibility for their own lives. If things are bad they simply pray and wait for god to fix it. They can’t fix it, so they just shift the responsibility to a supernatural force.

Now they don’t have to fix it. They can simply wait for god to do it. And if that doesn’t happen, well then, that was just a part of his mysterious plan. Very neat and tidy.

They can’t face reality, so they don’t. They can’t be the one who fucked it all up and can’t make it right. No. This is just a test. God is testing me. And he will fix it if I’m patient.

I don’t actually have to do anything at all, except sit here and keep believing. I am not responsible for anything. I am not to blame for my shortcomings or failures. I needn’t do anything to better myself. I’ll just pray and wait.

And if things continue to go wrong, that’s how god wanted it. It’s not anything I did.

and if my husband loses his job, it’s gods plan. it’s not corporate greed and bad government. and if my kid is stupid it’s gods plan. it’s not my bad genes. or that i drank while i was pregnant. or that i myself am an idiot.

And if my wife is a total cunt, that’s how god wants it. And i’ll fuck her anyway. I won’t like it, but god has a plan for me. Cause every last stupid, ignorant christian in america matters to god, even though all those other people in all those other countries don’t seem to at all.

and those greek gods are just a myth. those roman ones and norse ones too. but no, my god is real. because my minister says he is.

those hindus are crazy. so are those muslims. but i was just lucky enough to be born into the one true religion. only a fraction of the planet is christian, but we must be right because we’re american.


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