Dietary Evolution

A lot of people love to use evolution as a reason for consuming meat. They’ll say people evolved to eat meat and our canine incisor teeth (fangs) are the proof. Personally my fangs are practically non-existent. That aside, I have to chuckle at their ignorance.

True, some early homonids may have had a meat heavy diet. The fact is though, that early man ate based on opportunity. Their diet was dictated by their environment and their ability to procure sustenance from said environment. Different tribes ate different things. Some might have mostly eaten fish. Others might’ve had a more venison based diet. The variations are numerous.

The underlying fact… they ate what was available. It was that or starve.

What’s available to us now… everything. We no longer need to hunt whatever animal is easiest to catch. We don’t really hunt at all. We simply go to the market.

The other really laughable thing is they speak of evolution as something with an end. Evolution does not end. We are still evolving. If we begin to eat a plant based diet we will influence our own evolution. Our ability to choose what food we eat can literally alter the course of our evolution as a species. Primitive man did not possess that power. Today, we do.

We now have a choice. We can choose to evolve into a species that doesn’t need to kill to survive.