An Indictment of Chain Burgers

Here’s my problem with the sudden and meteoric rise of the fast casual dining experience. They charge the same money as any respectable, local restaurant for food that is lower in quality, higher in sodium and served in a less pleasant atmosphere.

A $10 burger at any chain is mediocre at best. Difficult to customize or not at all customizable. Half the time you ask for a different cheese and still receive the standard ammerican. Send it back you say? But I don’t want to wait another 20 minutes and have spit in it.

The same $10 burger at a real, local restaurant will be twice the size, three times as juicy, better seasoned and made how you order it.

it will also feature a better bun, fresh fries and a pleasant dining experience unbeknowst to the fast casual universe.

I think people gravitate toward these restaurants because there’s a perception that they have something unique to offer. But nothing could further from the truth. It’s the same crap in a shiny new package.

Support your local eateries. Their actual chefs will do your burger right. At virtually the same price as all those corporate imposters.

Now if only the small restaurant had veggie patties it’d be a win all around.