Blizzard Watch

Snowstorm Juno is headed my way. Or so they tell me. Work has already been cancelled. I get to sleep in.

It’s 11:36pm EST and there’s absolutely nothing going on.

The weather reports still insist that it’s coming.

I’ve always been a skeptic. That’s just my nature.

But it’s been noted by many people on more than one occasion how the media tend to ‘cry wolf’. Thereby desensitizing us to the times when it really matters.

This happened with hurricane Sandy. As with every other minor storm ever, they ranted and raved about how bad it would be. No one believed them. Why would we. Every other time they had done so it turned out to be nothing.

So when it really mattered we were so tired of the hype that we were unprepared for the reality.

If that isn’t irresponsible journalism then I don’t know what is. If doctors have to take an oath, then reporters should have to as well. Our lives are just as much in their hands. These silly grabs for ratings in the news is ridiculous anyway. Do they really make a lot of money off of advertising sold during the news? If so, those advertisers may as well shit on their money and set it on fire. It would do them more good that way.

I’m feeling skeptical once again. It’s quiet out there. I’m also tempting fate here. But I don’t really believe in fate. I believe in the Q continuum. They are a fickle bunch. You never know what they’ll do. They might even put you on trial for the crimes of humanity. Even though you’re just a starship captain with an english accent who supposedly hails from france. they’re inscrutible that way.

personally, i would enjoy a little bit of good old fashioned snow shovelling. not too much. but a bit is always fun. and a darn good excuse for drinking some yummy cocoa. and who can’t use a little extra cocoa in their life?


Social Contracts

There’s this broad social contract each of us has with society that is seldom acknowledge, but incredibly amazing.

Whenever we drive a car and don’t run anyone down we’re adhering to this standard.

Whenever we have a gun and don’t shoot someone we’re abiding by this policy.

Generally any time that we don’t maim or murder we are in line with this subtle social standard of conduct.

It’s weird how it just seems to exist all on its own. With no word ever spoken, or anything ever put into print. The instinct for survival seems to stretch far beyond the confines of self or even family. It seems it’s species wide and we are all willing participants in this vast convenant. Most of us anyway.

Think about how many cars travel down highways and freeways on any given day. Think about how many fatalities are actually physically possible. It could be apocalypse were we so inclined.

For the most part, we all abide by these silent rules. It’s mind boggling. To think that billions of people can go about their daily business without murdering each other.

just the sheer volume of opportunities we have each and every day to obliterate each other. it’s fascinating.

personally i think we’re all making a  huge mistake. we should be killing each other. it’s economically and environmentally the responsible thing to do.