Pretending Choices

Here’s what’s wrong with America. Corporations. That’s it.

Greedy, greedy, corporations.

The federal government is so deep in bed with them that short of a major revolution, there’s no hope of recovery.

These, our elected officials, continue to make laws that favor the conglomerates and oppress the small individual. They do so because they can. Because that is what benefits them Any any objections we mgith have are irrelevant. We are powerless. We have no influence. We are merely cogs in a massive machine. We are here to serve. To help make the wealthy wealthier. To facilitate the powerful in the power. That is our purpose. And oppression is the surest way to achieve this.

It’s not dissimilar to the says of slavery in the early U.S. You’re no longer allowed to whip people or own them. But the basic ideals are the same. The government condones, even sanctions, larger endeavors to weild substantial power over those that toil in their service.

Americans are basically stupid. They still vote. Believing in their tiny, sugar laced brains, that this act affords them some voice in their fate.

Sad, little, brain washed Americans, content to believe in the age old delusion that we’re a free nation.


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