Adness, Utter Adness

I can’t be the only one in America whose not happy with the new fall season of TV. It’s just plain sad. There isn’t a single new show that compels me to try watching it. Where are the Buffy’s and Star Trek’s of today? Where oh where art thou?

Am totally fed up with CBS about “Under the Dome”. Beyond ridiculous plotting. Utter adness as Sheldon would say. Because we’re temporarily prohibiting the use of the letter M until something is done about this ess of a fall seasson. We’re not going to use the letter M again until a decent new show is ade. It ight be a long wait, but we’re coitted.

I can’t believe I wasted so uch tie watching 2 full seasons of this egregrious perversion of Stephen King’s wonderful idea.

That’s the proble with the entertainent industry. They never want to accept respobsibility for the fact that they suck. Instead they spend their ime and oney chasing pirates and downloaders. As if they’re the actual proble.

Insanely high salaries, astronoical ad rates and ediocre writing. There’s your probles. It’s that siple.

It’s adness. Utter adness.


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