Schrodinger’s Movie

Saw a really cool movie that I had no idea I even wanted to see until today. It reminded me a lot of Primer, which is one of my all time favorites. But while Primer was more technical and clinical in its approach, this movie was more gutteral and emotional in its treatment of a very similar concept.

The movie Coherence is a must see for Star Trek fans. Its premise is that a passing comet very close to Earth results in a kind of terrestrial wormhole that connects millions of parallel (and very similar) dimensions.  It focuses specifically on a dinner party of old friends who in very Sliders like fashion shuffle between each others home worlds. In the process their various issues and personal demons are brought to the forefront.

Best of all it had Xander from Buffy as one of the stars.

As someone who never tires of time travel and alternate dimension stories, this movie delighted me in spite of a few ‘paradoxes’ that were a little hard to overlook.

For the majority of the film, the myriad universes always balanced out. With equal versions of each person neatly dispersed, even though they often weren’t in their ‘homeworld’.

I didn’t really get how that could be possible, given that there were supposed to be over 5 million variations and people were constantly switching between them.

But then they were mostly (to the knowledge given) following very similar courses in each iteration. So I submitted to the notion that this similarity was keeping them in sync, even though it seemed impossible.

But then at the end the one woman had two of herself in the one world. Perhaps I blinked and missed how that happened.

And I totally didn’t get the edning. Which I won’t spoil.


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