What Movies to See

index I tried to watch the movie The Double the other day. It sounded interesting on paper so to speak. When I actually began to watch it it totally didn’t do it for me. I was disinterested and bored. I’m not saying it was a bad movie. I’m just saying that it was a movie that I couldn’t connect with. Just another case of, sounds good in the description, but doesn’t work for me in reality.

I’ve been searching for a decent movie reccomendation engine. I don’t have Netflix anymore and that is the one thing that I miss about them. Their watch this suggestions were not always accurate, but they quite often led to pleasant cinematic discoveries.

I’ve often thought that they should offer a pay service that only does suggestions. They could charge a lot less, but it would be a cool thing to be able to have access to. I’d pay $10 a year to be able to rate movies and have their algorithms suggest what else I might enjoy.

Cause so far I’ve yet to find a reliable alternative. IMDB just pretty much says I’ll like every movie ever made. Rotten tomoatoes doesn’t do suggestions anymore. I found a few appz on google play, but they were worse than useless.

So there’s a genuine need. A hole to fill. I think if someone could come up with an engine that worked as good or almost as well at making viewing reccomendations they could conceivabley make money from subscribers. Or they could generate enough traffic to sell related stuff and/or advertising.

I for one am eager for such a service and would not mind paying a moderate fee for its usage.

It kinda sounds like something amazon or google could easily pull off. But entrepreneurs and upstarts might do it well too.

I just want to be able to rate things I’ve seen and get viable reccomendations for what I might like to see next. It’s a genuine need that I’m sure is shared by countless others out there.

So there you go, free idea for the taking. Hopefully someone will run with it.


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