People are like locusts. They are virulent plague. A blight upon the Earth.

That’s why we have genetically modified food and factory farming. That’s why we have an energy crisis and global warming. People. Too fucking many of them. And they still keep making more.

People like to think they are above the other animals. They have math and science and art. In many ways people are ‘better’ than the other species of the planet.

But there’s one way in which all animals are the same. And people are no exception. Just like the ant, the wolf, the salmon and the squirrel, people too are driven by a primal desire to reproduce. A sinister combination of hormones and evolution that easily defeats any logic we’ve cultivated over the course of our existence.

It’s sad really. Pitiful. How delusional we are. Our intellect a victim of our own biochemistry.

One day in the not too distant future our resources will be exhausted. Our land will be full. But we’ll still be making more of us. Because that’s what animals do.