O Canada

I’ve been watching the Food Network show ‘Chopped Canada’. It’s just like the original ‘Chopped’ except it takes place in Canada, the chefs are Canadian, the judges are Canadian and Dean McDermont is the host.

I’ve been a huge fan of the classic ‘Chopped’ ever since it first went on the air. It’s just a fascinating show. Ted Allen is a great host. The judges are always just the ratio of cruel and kind. I love when Aaron Sanchez calls dishes yummy. That should be a drinking game. I also adore Geoffrey Zakarian’s devil may care attitude about wearing ladies eyeglasses. You go girl!

Suffice it to say, ‘Chopped’ is one of my favorite shows. The sinister basket ingredients never disappoint and the time crunch always amps up the drama.

So naturally, I was excited to learn there would be an additional incarnation of the madcap cooking contest.

Chopped Canada is entertaining. McDermont’s puns alone are worth tuning in for. But the basket ingredients on Canada always seem to be so easy.

Come on Canada, grow a pair.


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