Evolution of the Idiocracy

Chain food sucks I lamented to my partner. It all tastes the same. Salty,¬† sweet one dimensional blandness. But there’s no escaping it. It’s everywhere. People keep partonizing the places and they keep multiplying.

Small, local restaurants boast far superior food. Their prices are basically the same as the chains. Yet everyone goes for the garbage.

Plus the service at chains is more often than not less than stellar.
It’s crazy to me because everyone just wants it and loves it and can’t get enough. They’re all drinking the Kool-Aid and i’m left searching¬† for a glass of water in a desert.

This is the core of the problem with America and the economy. People maniacally flock to subpar products simply because the logos are shiny.

Quality and value are obsolete. Marketing is all that matters.


cartoon-devil-shirt_design she simmers. the words boil. time is only a vessel. moments decide us. stammering and adamant. teeth on the marathon. bitiing down hard.

the thrill of the detour is in finding another path.

these gouges in our flesh are only a fraction of the chemistry that catalyzes friendship.

i think the show Supernatural sums it up nicely with its overt symbolism. the demons are everywhere. there will always be more demons. you cannot rid yourself of them. but you must fight those that you can.

it’s a somewhat overused and labored metaphor, but its relevance is as current as ever.

enjoy the sunshine when it shows up. embrace the darkness if that’s where you are. never forget. they aren’t that different.