Shivering Penguins

I’ve discovered German movies. Quite accidentally. I didn’t even really realize that Germany produces its own feature films. OF course they do. It’s ridiculous to tthink that they don’t. But I’d never really thought about it at all until very recently.

I watched the movie Hell with my usual geeky post apocalyptic entusiasm. It was noteworthy how few guns there were in the story. As a viewer of The Walking Dead and countless other American end of the world scenario TV and cinema it was unusual.

The movie was neither good nor bad. For me at least. It played out much as expected. With a decent pace and was amiably engrossing.

But then I watched 13 Sins and everything changed. I had no idea when I was watching it that it was a US remake of an originally German movie.

What a fantastic premise. Not entirely original, but certainly a very new take on a variety of old themes. A thoroughly enjoyable horror movie romp. Well acted, well directed and thoughtful enough as not to seem trite.

It was The Box meets Would You Rather? with a little 13 Tzameti thrown in to the mix.

The voice on the phone sounded so familiar. It’s driving me crazy who that as. Perhaps that is part of their plan.


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