Mental Episiotomies

I like the idea of foreign movies and instant pudding. They’re both so shallow, yet fulfilling. No one who likes foreign movies really knows why. They just want to be artsy and highbrow.

It makes me wonder about American movies in other countries. How retarded we must seem when judged by our cinema.

Does France have this same artsy fartsy foreign movies mindset that we do? Are Belgian movies the high end cinema of Paris?

Cause I’ve watched lots of French movies and found myself trying to the unravel the mysterious behind the seeminly empty plot. I never do that with American films. Because those can almost always be taken at face value.

In every country there are foreign movies. Yet in the US foreign movies seem to carry an impotance and weight. Probably because we know our domestic fare is so empty.

But Norwegian films. That’s where I draw the line. They simply go on and on and make no sense at all. At least not for people who are accustomed to using far less vowels when speaking.

I think the end of the world has been adn gone. We’re just ghosts. Unaware of our own obsolescence.


One thought on “Mental Episiotomies

  1. Let us not forget the hundreds of movies produced every day in India or the thought provoking ‘kung-Foo’ movies of Hong Kong, maybe they should also learn the word ‘obsolescence’?

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