Fatty Cake Fatty Cake

I used to hate chocolate cake. Despised the stuff. Chocolate icing awesome. Chocolate cake shit mixed with eggs. Then the other day I had some duncan hines chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing and was amazed to find myself enjoying it.

Strange thing though, as I got near to finishing the piece of cake I started tasting less and less good. To the point where, by the time I’d finished I had no further interest in consuming any additional pieces. Weird.

Sometimes I think chocolate messes with our minds. Like some really weak form of LSD. There has to be some reason the ancient Aztecs liked it so very much. They were smart people, even if a little naive.

All these years I thought it was the chocolate cake I didn’t like, but upon reassessing the findings I’m thinking it’s actually cake that isn’t so great. Or at least the cakes I’ve consumed in my lifetime. Yellow cake is basically just sweeter, fattier white bread when you get right down to it. Chocolate cake is the same thing with cocoa powder added. So it’s no wonder it didn’t thrill me.

These days however, I allow myself so little sugar and so little chocolate overall, it’s no wonder any form of it thrills me. Sugar is so addictive. Even a little taste leaves me craving more for weeks. With each additional sample only fueling the fire.

Some people have food issues. I am one of them. Dunno where they come from. Could be genetic. Could be upbringing. Or some combo of both. Ever since I was a kid I’ve liked food way too much.

It’s an evolutionary flaw. Food makes you feel good to keep the species alive. But it backfires in some.