Merry Christmas Fuckers

led-zeppelin-kissWhen you can’t think of a good gift for someone there’s a new and patented method for resolving the situation. Give them something totally randomn and crazy funny and they’ll love it just the same. You’ll come off lookig clever and witty and they’ll walk away with seomthing cool they never would buy for themselves.

December has been going by so fast. The holidays are always too brief. All preparation and far too little enjoyment in many case. Course I adore scouting for gifts. It’s one of my best talents. Figuring out gifts for people. Meaningful ones they’ll really love.

I can’t think of anything that makesa a better random christmas gift than a strange and finny t-shirt that doesn’t make 100% sense. They’re Kiss. Not Led Zeppelin. How crazy. Like Family Guy with the new dog Vinnie. Impossible to find any logic there. It’s this intense logic void that creates the ideal environment for stoners and pot heads to really feel teh bake.

You know what they say. You can put a potato in the oven, but you can’t make it  listen. those fuckers sure are stubborn.

Happy Holidays and whatever it was, we didn’t do it.


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