Doctor Who?

I just watched the first episode of the first season of Matt Smith as Doctor Who. It was really great. I was pleasantly surprised. I had previously used Netflix to try watching the incarnation with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.  And was less than intrigued.

Doctor Who still holds a certain nostalgia for me. As a young child I would watch episodes on PBS and was utterly mystified by the concept. Back then special effects were not so very special. Imagination was required to enjoy such fantastical forays into the blatant science fiction. As a kid I was thrilled by the concept of the Doctor and his tme travelling TARDIS and the crazy monsters he made it his mission to vanquish. Yes, years ago, PBS actually had programs worth watching.

Nothing against Eccleston, but that edition kinda soured me on the whole series. It was just lacking something. Some spark that ignites great science fiction shows. I forgot about Doctor Who for a long time until there was a write up about it in the TV Guide. The article piqued my interested anew. And having watched Matt Smith be born into the role in a stellar first episode my interest was reignited. I am very much looking forward to watching further episodes.


American Zombies

Do you like sci-fi? It’s a diverse and interesting genre. It can include thriller, action, even comedy like the latest Star Trek movies. Time travel and alternate universes really get my motor running. Who doesn’t love a good rift in the space time contiuum allegory.

Most recently I’ve seen Elysium and Last Days On Mars. Elysium was just as I expected it to be. A fast paced action type sci fi with a heavy hand on the liberal agenda button. Which suited me just fine. I quite enjoyed it. Although the fact that it’s from the dude responsible for District 9, that does make it slightly diasppointing. That was a great movie. I am sad for him that his new effort was not as spectacular.

The Last Days On Mars got a really good rating at IMDB. 7.1 overall. And I guess for the most part of was justified. I was not bored. It has quick, yet natural pacing with just hte right amount of breathing room inbetween. It was well crafted to keep the viewer engaged and entertained. The premise struck me a little funny. A martian bacteria turns astronauts into zombies. Zombies in outer space as it were.

But I love zombie stories and I love sci-fi stories. So for me this was a fantastic conjuction. Not as innovative or original of an idea as the conceiver would, no dout, like to believe. but a great fanboy niche idea to be sure. and kudos on perfect pacing and great directing. Very entertaining with minimal special fx.

Anyway, I like Liev Shrieber. Dunno why. Just do. I like looking at his face. It pleases me.

Zombes are all the rage recently. People are eternally obsessed with live after death.

Someday the thought of dying won’t terrify us so much. Until then, we can enjoy the sick fruits of that obsesssion.

American zombies aren’t fat. They just eat more brains.