Midverse Patterns Awesome America

Alcohol is good for so very many things. it takes this shitty world and transforms it into something I’m mildly interested in. Drugs are good in that same way. They magically transmogriphy an empty existeance into something I can at least casually tolerate.

Mind altereing substances tend to get a bum rap. The non prescription kind anyway.

Somehow if it’s a little pill your therapist reccomnends then it’s prefectly okay. Skew the world. Distort percetion. Live like a ghost trapped within yourself.

People are basically and interminably stupid. Regardless of intellect. They just can’t comprehend thtat they are not the center of the entire universe.

this was never taught to them. in school. nor in church. or by any authority on anything. and yet, they oontinue to trip through life eager with that delusion.


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