Charlie Browniest Revenge

One of the things I always loved best about being a kid were the Charlie Brown specials. I always felt a strong connection to Charlie Brown. The pivotal underdog. The outcast. The well-meaning fuck up.

Charlie Brown suffered so many humiliations. He endured them all well. And quite gracefully I might add. He was a decent guy lost in the maze of a cruel world. As so many of us are.

Lucy was his antithesis. The mean girl of all mean girls. Decades before mean girls became the in thing, she was the original.

How many times did poor, gullible and naive Charlie Brown fall for her tactics. I’ll hold the football. You run and kick it. Only to snatch it away at the last second. Sending poor Charlie into a big fall and even bigger humiliation.

But that was then and this is now. Good old Charlie has finally grown a pair. And Lucy was his first target. lucysacunt