Big Small World

What are the limits? Good demons flaunt their inappropriate t-shirts with a chuckle and a tickle. This question is always on my mind in one form or another. Be it the limits of personal endurance or the population as a whole Sometimes it’s just a passing ponderance of how we’ve arrived at this point. Others it’s more harsh and cynical. More focused on careless choices.

There are no limits. That’s what I’ve come to know. This can be good. Or it can be bad. That’s up to you and your perspective. It can be a freedom knell or it can be a prison. Again. Up to you.

The weird thing about being human is that we create reality. It sounds crazy, but essentially it’s true. We can choose. To be corporate drones. To be moguls. To be terrorists. To be rescue workers. We decide.

And the world we live in is a bizarre collective perception constructed by all of us. A mad conglomeration of all our opinoins. Some more than others. But we are all a part of it. We are, each of us responsible for making the Kardashians famous. And for the the cancellation of Firefly. We make the beautiful and the ugly as well. It’s all us. We are the ladybugs and we are the mosquitos. Peace and war. Liberty and oppression. All these tiny worlds are of our own creation. And as microscopic as they are, still they consume us.


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