People with Guns

Contours are a brilliant camouflage. The folds of life slipping like satin. You don’t wear camouflage. It wears you. Erasing who you are. Bruises on the arms of life. Cuts on the wrists of time.

There are wars enough that we shall never stop fighting. That soldiers and weapons will always be required. There are wars enough that peace need not ever trouble your thoughts.

If we should pause. To let the bullets rest. Or sometimes wait. to give the trigger a chance to catch its breath. It’s only the fighting as it’s always been. the simple protocol of blood and touch. scribbling its art on any available surface.

These often battles and seldom words are the purest form of camouflage. The naked flesh. The trembling flag. And all the bullets necessary to preserve.

Quiet predators digging the path. Hidden beautifully in madness.


Survivors – World’s End

My mom loves the TNT show Falling Skies and I have no idea why. To me it’s just some bad sci-fi movie from 1985 that travelled into the future to vex Star Trek fans. I’m usually a Spielberg fan. I loved Artificial Intelligence, even though no one else did. I thought it was awesome. Sad androids… brilliant! An alien cowboys and indians shoot em up series, not nearly as brilliant.

If sci-fi is what you crave and you’re not finding anything you feel is worthy of your viewing time, try the grossly underrated 2008 british television series Survivors. It’s an engrossing tale of a deadly epidemic and the eventual aftermath for those that live through it. What’s so intriguing about it is how realistic it is. Or has been so far. Even though the population is descimated and everyone is utterly alone in a barren world, people remain the same as they truly are today. Distant, cold and unable to connect with each other. I’m guessing that will gradually change as the series progresses.

I’ve watched only the pilot episdoe so far. It was an hour and a half of engrossing television. So much so that it made me quite obsessed with seeing the rest. Despite the fact that I know it was cancelled after the 2nd season and am not even sure whether the story wrapped up. I just have to know more.

Survivors reminds me of the short lived NBC show Jericho with Skeet Ulrich. Survivors is what Jericho could have been. Shoud have been. I’ve heard rumors Survivors may return as an American pay cable TV series much like the wonderful Torchwood did for its forth season. Which was pretty awesome. That would be great news if it did.

Sci-Fi is the genre du jour. And the end of the world always makes for exciting television.