Brave New World

The movie side effects was kind of an eye opener for me. The overall plot kinda reminded me too much of Primal Fear. That movie stunned me back in the day. Because of that, Side Effects did not. It did however illuminate an interesting trend in western civilization.

If you’re not shiny, happy and perfect the medical and pharmaceutical industry is all too happy to dose you up until to fit into that neat little prison of normal people. It totally made me think of the book Brave New World. That was how they kept all the people in line. They drugged them with Soma. And if for some reason or another, you managed to escape the drug or it otherwise didn’t work on you, you were dubbed a savage and exiled.

That’s the society we’ve created in America. A brave new world of drugged clones and robots. If you don’t fit our ideal of how a person should be then we’ll fix you with our medicine. If you don’t want to be fixed with our wonderful medicines then you will be shunned by society. No one will be your friend. No one will hire you to work for them. And you’ll generally be looked down upon and unwanted.

We’ve let the pharmaceutical industry all but take over the world. Them and oil and credit card companies. We’re not a free country anyymore. We haven’t been for quite some time now.

Just a bunch of zombies and slaves. If only it were just a book or a movie. Then a hero might come along and save us. But this is real life. No happy endings permitted.


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