Emergency Survival Preparedness

Disaster happen unexpectedly. I ought to know. Me and mine were right at the heart of the Hurricane Sandy disaster. It was brutal to say the least. People nowadays, unless they’ve been in the military, have no idea about emergency preparedness.

Our lifestyle has become so soft and cushy. We have our internet and tv on demand and warm cozy beds. We live in a luxury our ancentors couldn’t even imagine. As technology and automation have overtaken our world, survival skills and emergency readiness have been forsaken by most.

We simply assume the power will be on. That first responders will save us. That the disaster won’t be that bad. But the fact is, it can be that bad. And lately it often is.

Our environment and climate have been undergoing changes for the worse. The weather is becoming more and more violent and unpredictable. Smart people want to be ready. To keep their families safe.

Doing so isn’t all that hard if you follow the examples set forth my the American military forces. They always know what to do in any situation.

The first task is to aquire the essential supplies. Which is easy. Shop any repultable military store for all that you will need and more. Next step, educate yourself and your loved one in the critical survival tasks. Like making fire, swimming, hunting and fishing. And don’t forget to get yourself a sturdy generator at the local hardware supply.


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