Let Freedom Ring

marines-t-shirt-military-shirt-red_design My husband was supposed to come back today. Instead his tour got extended. He’s out there fighting for our freedom and the freedom of everyone else all over the globe.

Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be “FREE”. How can anyone ever really be free if there’s always such a high cost to pay for it. How can anyone really be free when people must sacrafice their lives for it. Were those soldiers who died free? How can we really be free when it means our privacy is invaded and our civil rights are violated. How are we preserving freedom by taking it away?

Such is the paradox of our world since the attacks of 9/11. Nothing has ever really been right since. I guess in a sense the terrorists did win that day. Everything has changed for the worse. Our economy and the gloabl economy are on life support. It just doesn’t seem to be able to improve.

Soldiers have been dying ever since that fateful day. A lot more people have died after the fact than during the initial events. And more continue to die every day. And I’ll be damned if anyone really has a good reason why.

Here we’ve been told all these years that we’re winning the war on terror. But it seems our enemies have been successful all along.

The only way to truly be free is to stop fighting.


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