Captialism Ideas

If it’s ugly I’m all for it. Life is ugly and that’s beautiful. Or so I’ve been told my whole life regardless of its veractiy. Perception is as perception does. Rainbows in the dark and all that petty jargon. Corporate moguls and crusaders against injustice are the same really. They want control. They want wealth. Control is wealth. Wealth is control. If this were an episode of Star Trek the holodeck would stop working now and a tear in the space time continuum would swallow us all up. We’d be a nice snack for infinity and then some wormhole would shit us out into the next little universe of tiny strings and try to fit us into one of its quantum knots. And it would succeed. Because we are so very small. And constantly shrinking.

We won’t disappear though. We’ll just keep getting smaler. There is no end to how small a thing can be.

Just when you think it can’t shrink any further someone comes along with some device to prove that there are indeed tinier pieces. And if those tiny pieces can be that small, then surely anything can be.

That’s life or that’s life now. Not that it really matters what life used to be. You can’t go back. You can sprint and run ahead. The future is there to be stolen. But you can’t slow down enough to go backward. Not in this current configuration. And this is the only architecture available to us. Run or walk or crawl. Your choice. Doesn’t matter. You’re there. Suffocating with the rest of them. Feasting on disease and selling your destiny to the highest bidder.


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